High-Quality Nigrosine Black Granular Supplier in China - Wholesale and Export by OEM Manufacturer

Introducing Nigrosine Black Granular, a premium quality dye used for coloring a variety of materials including plastics, rubber, textiles, and leather. Tianjin Leading Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a reliable Manufacturer, Supplier, and Factory of Nigrosine Black Granular in China.

Our product is processed using the finest quality raw materials and advanced technology to ensure high purity and accurate composition. Nigrosine Black Granular is widely appreciated in the market for its excellent solubility, superior color strength, and long-lasting effect.

Our team of experts works relentlessly to maintain the highest standards of quality and offer customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients. We take pride in providing timely and efficient services to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Tianjin Leading Import & Export Co., Ltd. is dedicated to offering world-class products at competitive prices. Contact us today to place your order and enjoy hassle-free delivery across the globe.
  • Introducing our latest product, Nigrosine Black Granular - a versatile and high-quality dye product that can be used for a wide range of applications. This product is formed by condensing aniline with nitrobenzene, resulting in a fine black granular powder that is highly soluble and easy to use. One of the main features of Nigrosine Black Granular is its exceptional dyeing properties. It is commonly used as a black dye for paper, textiles, and various plastic materials. The color is deep and rich, with a strong affinity to various substrates, ensuring excellent color fastness and durability. In addition, this product can act as a binder for carbon black and metals, as well as enhancing the conductivity of plastics and rubbers. Nigrosine Black Granular is also a popular choice for leather dyeing and printing applications, offering excellent coverage and uniformity. At our company, we take pride in providing superior quality products, and our Nigrosine Black Granular is no exception. It is manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment and is subjected to strict quality control, ensuring consistency and reliability. Overall, Nigrosine Black Granular is an excellent choice for any industry that requires high-quality black dye. Its versatility, colorfastness, and ease of use make it a standout product in the market. Give it a try and discover why it's quickly becoming the go-to dye for numerous applications.
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