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 ZDH-Fixing Agent

Highly-concentrated  formaldehyde-free Fixing Agent is a kind of cationic polyamine based product, it can improve the washing-fastness and rubbing-fastness of dyed fabrics.


Appearance           pale yellow transparent liquid

Ionicity                  cationic

PH value               6.0-7.5 (1% solution)

Solubility              easily diluted in water by any percentage.

Activity content    80% min.


1. eco-product, formaldehyde-free.

2. improve washing-fastness and rubbing-fastness.

3. no influence to brilliance and shade of colors.


Used for fixing treatment to reactive dyes, direct dyes, sulphur dyes, and acid dyes.

How to use

diluted into 3-5 times by water, before use or sell it.


      Immersion:      fixing agent dilution     1-3% (o.w.f.)

                               bath ratio                      1:10-20

                               PH value                        5.0-7.0

                               40-60℃, 20-30 minutes.

      Dip padding:   fixing agent dilution   5-20 g/L

      remark: Don’t use it together with anionic auxiliary.


In 50kg or 125kg plastic drums.


In cool and dry condition,  storage period is within one year.

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